I am a bassplayer (double bass and electric bass) and guitarist from Trondheim, currently living in Oslo. I play in bands like Oker, Bansal Band, Dr. Kay & his Interstellar Tone Scientists, Johan Lindvall Trio, Carlo Maria Nartoni Trio, Majaz, Kim Myhr : You|Me, ComboNations, Javid Afsari Rad Ensemble, Torg, DaMaNa & Doneda/Myhr. I also do concerts with my solo project. As a musician I am interested in exploring the sound possibilities of my instruments and I am constantly working on making my sound vocabulary larger. I play different genres and feel comfortable playing everything from free-improvised music to jazz, world music and pop. I have a Master degree from the Norwegian Academy of Music.

«I de kortare fastnar jag för den akustiske skärpen, framförallt hos bassisten Adrian Fiskum Myhr. Det är rymd och sound, han är uppfinningsrik och lyckas i sammanhanget behålla basens träiga klang».

– Magnus Nygren, www.soundofmusic.nu