I am a bassplayer (double bass and electric bass) and guitarist from Trondheim, currently living in Oslo. I play in bands like Oker, Bansal Band, Dr. Kay & his Interstellar Tone Scientists, Johan Lindvall Trio, Carlo Maria Nartoni Trio, Majaz, Kim Myhr  You|Me, ComboNations, Susa,  Javid Afsari Rad Ensemble, Torg, DaMaNa & Doneda/Myhr. I also do concerts with my solo project. As a musician I am interested in exploring the sound possibilities of my instruments and I am constantly working on making my sound vocabulary larger. I play different genres and feel comfortable playing everything from free-improvised music to jazz, world music and pop. I have a Master degree from the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Photo: Vojtech Prochazka

«I de kortare fastnar jag för den akustiske skärpen, framförallt hos bassisten Adrian Fiskum Myhr. Det är rymd och sound, han är uppfinningsrik och lyckas i sammanhanget behålla basens träiga klang».

– Magnus Nygren, www.soundofmusic.nu